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Tips for choosing the best possible school for your children

It is that time of year when classes start to wind down and admin for the new school year is set in motion. For parents, the same can be said for new school searches.


It is very important to ensure your child attends the best school available to them if you consider the amount of time they will be spending there. Future Nation Schools have put together some tips on important things you should consider when you start looking around for a good school for your child.

Visit each school

You learn a lot about a school and their traditions and what the schools stands for when you are there to take it all in. You need to decide whether you want to send your child to a private or public school and ensure that you know what this will mean for your child education wise. Make sure you ask all the questions you may have when you visit.

Look into the extra mural activities available

It can be very helpful if a school offers extra mural activities and sport on the premisis and your child does not need to be collected and dropped off by you or pre-arranged transport every week. Make sure you consider the extra planning that might be required if the facility does not offer specific sport you want your child to enrol in.

Chat to current students and parents

You will learn a lot when you chat to current parents and students. This is a very quick way to find out not only the pros but also the cons of any school. If you are able to, also try and chat to parents and students who have attended in the past and get their feedback about the school’s practises.

Look at all the costs

School fees are something you will be facing every month, so ensure you are well prepared for the amount you will need to pay – not only for school fees, but also for uniform and possible registration fee or a deposit before you child starts attending . If you are not a parent yet or will only be sending your child to school in a few years, consider an education fund or investment to assist you with these costs when the time approaches.

Choose the right school for your child

At the end of the day, when you look at all the schools, you need to choose one that will be the best for your own child. Your child will be attending the school for many years, so they need to be happy and comfortable at the school they attend every day.

Apply early

Make sure you look into when registrations open and when they close. Prepare and get your child’s registration forms in as soon as you can as you do not want to be disappointed and turned away due to there not being any space in the classes.

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