Exam Prep for PDE4 & PDE5

Amanzimtoti Property • Crisna van der Bank • RE/MAX Toti
Amanzimtoti Property • Crisna van der Bank • RE/MAX Toti

10 Tips on Writing your PDE

  1. Don’t study using everyone’s handed-down crash course material; this will just have you spinning with unanswered questions and outdated material.
  2. This exam is online; when the PPRA refer to a “seat number” please ignore this.
  3. Make sure your mic and webcam work. Don’t have a webcam? Go buy one!
  4. Don’t talk to others during your exam; you need to be alone in a quiet room.
  5. When you book your exam, you may see you need to choose an area to write, please just click on the area to complete your booking but note, you can do this exam from anywhere quiet, as long as you are online. The area is just there until the PPRA remove it.
  6. Make sure you don’t just get up and leave the room; you need to ask for permission.
  7. Your internet connection must be bulletproof; you cannot afford to be disconnected.
  8. You should receive a practice test just before your exam; please do this; it will also show you how to draw a graph and a few other tricks for the day.
  9. Don’t bounce around from question to question, as sometimes you can’t go back, instead, answer the question as you read it.
  10. Make sure you know where to find your answers; that is key! Index your files (soft or hard copy) and be very familiar with where everything is.

What to purchase, and what not to purchase

  1. Purchase our crash course if you haven’t already! The course is live on your profile for 6-weeks but can be completed as quickly as you like. We have both PDE4 and PDE5. This includes our training material which is updated after every exam, live classes for you to join online and quizzes for you to test your knowledge.
  2. You will be advised along the way to purchase the “EAAB/PPRA NQF4/5 Study Guides”, please feel free to borrow these from your fellow colleges. If you have purchased our course, these guides can be seen as your back up and in our course, we advise you on which chapters to focus on.

Complete our PDE course quickly!

  • You can register for our course before you register for your exam – whenever it suits you.
  • You start your course as your payment reflects, no waiting is required!
  • Payment options are available to suit your needs. You will see these on the checkout page and below.
  • 98% of the learners using our material have passed the 1st time!
  • Our course is based on the PDE exam papers, giving you the tools you need to knock this exam out of the park.
  • Watch the recorded webinars in your course at any time that suits you.
  • There are live webinars closer to exam time, where you can join your fellow writers and chat with our facilitator about your concerns.
  • Support channels are ready and waiting for you.

Purchase today & start as soon as your funds reflect

It’s that easy. Study our range of courses and grow in your career step by step, with us by your side to guide you along the way. Payment options: EFT, Debit, or Credit card. Alternatively take advantage of our PayJustNow facility, you choose this option at the checkout page, apply for an interest-free loan [we cover the fees] and if you qualify, you will pay over 3 months of instalments and have access to your course after your first payment.

Studying online with ease…

We have designed our platform to suit your needs. You are out and about, you are busy in meetings, and you need something you can do in your own time, from wherever it suits you, at any time of day or night. So, we have developed it for you. Accompanied with videos in your course, live webinars, online support and more.

The above advice is based on real-life experiences from our learners.

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